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Borland C++ Release 5.02

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Borland C++ Release 5.02 Empty Borland C++ Release 5.02

Mesazh  GjeLy prej Fri Jan 09, 2009 4:47 pm

Borland C++ Release 5.02
The IDE includes many usability enhancements in this release.
They are listed briefly in the following sections. Refer to
online Help for details.

Compiler Enhancements

* New 32-bit compiler (BCC32.EXE) provided with this release

* A Make following a failed Build All rebuilds from the point
of failure

* New compiler option under Options|Project|C++ Options|
General called Zero-Length Empty Class Member Function (like -Vx)

Editor Enhancements

* Read-only files identified by an "R" after the file name

* Modified files include an asterisk (*) after the file name

* Search|Replace includes a Change All option

* IDE remembers the cursor position of the last 100
edit buffers that you closed

* IDE automatically loads the Tips script to display tool tips

* Cursor changes in left gutter to indicate that a click
will drop a debugger breakpoint

Debugging Enhancements

* New options in Options|Environment|Debugger|Debugger Behavior:
Do not save files or prompt when debugging and Do not prompt
when attempting to run 16 bit applications

* New option in Options|Project|Compiler|Debugging:
Detach Debug Information from OBJs

* Debugger status glyphs: Lightning bolt (if running)
and Pause Process (if stepping or at breakpoint)

* Debug menu: View Locals command creates Local Inspector (to
watch local variables) when the IDE Debugger has a process loaded

* The Watch window shows values in hex, decimal, or both formats

* CPU View stack pane indicates the current position

* While debugging, editor tooltips display the value of the symbol
under the pointer

Message Window Enhancements

* An .RC file's source date and time format
reflect the format of the country setting

* The default position of the Message window has changed

* You can use Ctrl+ A to clear the Build tab

* Clear before Make/Build in Options|Environment|Preferences

* Double-click on an unresolved external error message
in the Build tab opens the file with the external reference

Project Management Enhancements

* Project menu: Stop Background Task appears during an
asynchronous build

* Project window glyphs: A red check mark (node has
Local Overrides) and a clock with a red X on it
(node out of date and will be rebuilt on the next make)

* The default position of the Project window has changed

* Compatibility: Two new Project Options on the C++ Options|C++
Compatible dialog, Destructor Cleanup Compatibility and Class
Layout Compatibility

General Enhancements

* Preprocessor: Invoking the preprocessor automatically loads
the output into the edit buffer

* Syntax highlighting: Scope delimiters ) and } can be
customized; preprocessor directives highlighted only
instead of highlighting the whole line

* File|Open dialog boxes: Enable filename completion
available in Options|Environment|Preferences for files
and directories

* Keyboard Shortcuts: You can use Ctrl+S to find the ~, <, and >

* Windows NT: Shutting down the computer now saves an open
.IDE file.

Incremental Linker

Borland C++ provides an incremental linker that dramatically improves
link times (after the initial link). To use it, check Incremental
Linker on the Options|Project|Linker|32-bit Linker page.

Interoperability with Borland C++Builder

If you have Borland C++Builder, you can add the C++Builder .MAK
makefiles as nodes to your BCW projects. Refer to BCW.HLP for
more information.

New Scripting Features

* File maintenance/navigation script (DIRVIEW.SPP)

* New method ProjectStopBackgroundTask() to terminate
asynchronous build/make/compile/transfer

* remove_view_menu_item function in MENUHOOK.SPP lets you
remove IDE main menu items

* SearchAll hot key changed from A to L.
(A clears the Message tab.)

New Resource Workshop Features

* 32-bit custom control DLL support in
Options|Environment|Resource Editors|Control Libraries

* New menu command Dialog|Resize to Content

* Dialog editor enhancements

* Check for Duplicate ID on the Dialog menu

* Dynamic IDE status bar

* Entry of DBCS characters in the menu editor

* Code page support in Resource compiler through -c switch
and #pragma code_page(ID-num)

Borland C++ Release 5.02 206ol55

Kodi: BorlandC__v5.02.rar


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